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Even with regular cleaning, living spaces eventually become covered in a thick layer of dirt and dust. Professional deep cleaning is the only way to get rid of the grime that has built up over time. In addition to promoting a healthy and clean environment, a thorough cleaning also removes bacteria and kills germs on surfaces.

When people talk about “deep cleaning,” they mean a very thorough cleaning of a room or building. Similar to but more extensive than professional cleaning services.
Daily cleaning may not be effective in sanitizing hard-to-reach areas. A place where a thorough cleaning is needed is here.
Crystal Shines offers residential and commercial cleaning services. We promise cleaning services that are comprehensive and detailed to the point of being spotless.
When we say we clean thoroughly, we don’t just mean the obvious spots and spills. All areas of the home are cleaned thoroughly by us. When we say “deep cleaning,” we don’t just mean the public spaces of a home or business. We offer comprehensive cleaning services for homes and businesses, including all common areas such as hallways, lounges, and kitchens.
When it comes to using specialized products on articular surfaces like wood, marble, or tiles, our professional team has you covered.
When it comes to routine and deep cleaning, Crystal Shine’s staff is always well-equipped. When we clean, we never risk anyone’s health by employing any questionable chemicals. Using advanced cleaning methods and state-of-the-art tools is second nature to our professional staff.

Crystal Shine Deep Cleaning Includes

  • Upholstery and mattress cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning of unreachable and tough spots
  • Acid washes 
  • Wet and dry clean
  • Vacuuming
  • Cobweb removals among other cleaning services