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Elderly Care Services

Aging doesn’t mean losing independence. It means more personal support, health care, and daily activity help. Crystal Shine has experience helping seniors live comfortably in their own homes. Many of us lack family support or the funds for lengthy hospital stays. Crystal Shine offers home nursing. Crystal Shine’s elderly care is person-centered, giving seniors flexible options and more control over their lives. Only a trained nurse can provide superior senior home care while the patient remains at home. Families can take a break knowing their loved ones are safe. Sublime Nursing professionals help the elderly with daily activities like dressing, washing, medication, and preparing and eating meals. In addition to general elderly home health care and support, our nurses can help seniors with Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzeihmer’s, paralysis, Heart Disease, and other health issues.

Crystal Shine Elderly Care Service Includes

  • Monitoring vital signs such as temperature, pulse & respiration
  • Infection Control; how to minimize infection in the home environment
  • Wound care and skin care
  • Providing support for external medical appointments
  • Preventing bed sores
  • Activities of daily living (assisting with baths, feeding, dressing)
  • Maintaining a medical records log
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Assisting with toileting & incontinence issues
  • Stabilisation & assistance with walking & light exercise
  • Engaging in physical & mental activities
  • For diabetic patients: diabetes management, assessment and control and Diabetic foot
  • Similarly, we give our elderly patients that special attention that they expect, and guide them on ways to regain their independence, or help patients who have just return from surgery.