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Here are the messages from sponsors and the board of directors!

As I am proud, blessed, and happy to have had the basic right to be born and up in a clean ambiance, I grew up to become a hygienic place. I am glad that I live a standard life that meets my expectations in terms of passion for cleanliness and hygiene and to be an entrepreneur of the same passion. as we believe in the statement that goes like ‘cleanliness is vital for a healthy body, mind, and soul’ and that is why we like to call that faith. So, we decided to be the warriors of hygiene and high professionalism and started our operations. We believed that faith and growth happened on their own. as a well-known firm in this industry, we also want to be identified as a symbol of your service & professionalism.

Captain Juma jassim J A Al Mannai


Crystal Shine Group

We endlessly practice the statement of Socrates ‘The secret of change is to focus all our energy is not on fighting the old but on building the new.’ We have never failed to complete our projects leaving a new positive ambiance. It has always been more than just a proud moment of completing the projects as we are extremely glad to satisfy the quest of bringing a better environment to the State of Qatar, and the quality of life of its citizens and expatriates by providing a wide range of high-quality serviced and superior services we will be doing continue.

Sultan Abdulla J T AL kuwari

(Ministry of Commerce and Industry)

Crystal Shine Group

We joined our hands together to make a positive change in the way the industry functioned, and we have been so successful in that. Our quality of service and trained staff builds our company to be the best in the country with our ongoing work programs and business portfolio, our corporate strategy is to introduce niche services. We essentially lower our unit cost and help us compete effectively in the marketplace. our customer-focus approach, business growth, and our employee’s dedication and hard work shall help us reach target our corporate goals and objectives in making an effective contribution to the economic development of the State of Qatar. uncompromising integrity, it our patrons consistently with is sure service target that we will grow further Inshallah


Crystal Shine Group